The aviation industry is one of the most vital business sectors in the world. It has truly made the world a smaller place ensuring goods and people reach destinations quicker than ever.

The term aviation centres around the practical application of the art of Aeronautics. Here, at the Fairway Aviation Academy we strive to help you learn and hone this art into a profession and a lucrative career.

We provide a range of pilot training in Sri Lanka geared for all manner of flying enthusiast ranging from the casual to commercial airline pilots.

So what are you waiting for? Come visit our offices or get in touch with us through the Contact us page to see how we can help you realise your dream of taking to the skies.



The Fairway Aviation Academy, 112, New Airport Road, Ratmalana, Sri Lanka
Phone : +94 117 623 624, +94 774 445 830 (Lasitha)
Email : lasitha@f-air.lk

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