An Airline Transport Pilot License is required for a pilot to fly as Pilot In Command (PIC)  in commercial aviation operations. But most airlines nowadays including Sri Lankan Airlines and Mihin Lanka needs all applicants for cadet-ship to possess an ATPL (frozen)  Licence with CPL/IR.

This means a candidate needs to successfully complete the theoretical training module of the ATPL which comprises fourteen subjects and a Commercial Pilot License. This qualification allows an individual to work professionally as a pilot in any airline or related company.

Fairway Aviation Academy’s ATPL (frozen)  course complies with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Joint Aviation Authority (JAA) and European Aviation Safety  Agency (EASA) and therefore can easily be rendered valid (converted) to the equivalent of another ICAO member state.

The ATPL would become un-frozen when the flight experience requirements are met. (1500 hours). This amount of flying hours  would normally be achieved during employment as a first officer. Minimum age to defreeze  an ATPL (frozen) is 21 years.

Entry Requirements

  • Age not less than 21 years
  • Medical fitness (Class I)
  • Security Clearance
  • Knowledge Examination conducted by CAASL
  • Enroll with a certified flying school and undergo flying training successful completion of ground school and flying experience
  • Flying experience as “C” bellow
  • English Language Proficiency. (Level 4 or higher)
  • Flying school recommendation for skill test

Flight Training

For Commercial Pilot Licence

  • Total 1500 hrs
  • 500 hrs as PIC under supervision or 250 hrs as PIC
  • 200 hrs of Cross country. 100 hrs as PIC or PIC under supervision
  • 75 hrs of Instrument. (Maximum ground time 30 hrs)
  • 100 hrs of night flying as PIC or co-pilot