What can be more exciting than the gift of flight. Gift a training program or sign up your loved one for a Flight Experience and have them enjoy first hand the fun of flying amongst the clouds.

“Little Bird” Flying Program

Most of us are fascinated by anything that flies, to such an extent, that our heads always turn skywards at the sound of an airplane. Then we pause to wonder about the lucky few who may be enjoying every moment of that flight and the glorious views from above the clouds.

With Fairway Aviation Academy it is no longer a dream to anyone who wishes to fly an air plane. A flight of 30 to 60 minutes or more is arranged for aviation enthusiasts where they can be given a chance to have a hawk’s eye view of our beautiful Sri Lanka. You will surely enjoy this unique experience of soaring above the clouds and observing the beautiful landscape from an altitude of 10000 feet. This is an ideal birthday gift to your spouse, child or a faithful friend who loves aeroplanes.

For safety reasons one of our instructors will sit by your side. The price for a half an hour flight is a reasonable and affordable Rs 14000 only. A one hours flight will cost you only Rs 25000/=.( subject to change )