Lighter than air vehicles

In the beginning people used gas filled balloons called airships to propel them to the skies.
They commonly used lighter than air gasses to raise themselves off the ground such as, hot air, hydrogen or helium.


Early 1900s – The First Flight

Once the basic principles of aerodynamics were mastered, the Wright Brothers made their first historic flight in 1903.
This set the tone for rapid development in the field of aviation and aeronautics,


The World Wars

For the first time in history, planes were used as crucial aids in the war effort against axis powers.
This progressed their development to greater lengths and whose impact can still be felt today.
From better Aircraft and engine design to the use of more durable, exotic materials,
modern aircraft can trace their roots back to the key innovations made during both World Wars.


Jet Engine

After the pioneering of the jet engine, the commercial air plane industry evolved to a global perspective,
connecting the world like never before. Now everyone could enjoy the benefits of air travel,not just the privileged few.