Here are the true and honest answers we have, to some of the frequently asked questions we picked over the years on how to be a pilot in Sri Lanka (The answers are summarized and based on our own experience in Sri Lanka. )

  • Must possess considerable skills of the English Language skills.
  • Must be physically fit ( Have to pass a medical test ).
  • Must have passed GCE “O” level with credit passes for English , Math and  Science ( Some airlines may ask for higher qualifications such as GCE “A” level or a Degree).

While we cannot guarantee your employment, what we can assure you of is that you will be one of the most viable candidates for the position. Thanks to the stellar training you will receive at the Fairway Aviation Academy, our pilots will be a valuable addition to any fleet.

You could easily continue to fly and become a flight instructor in one of the flying training schools. There is a high demand for flight instructors in Sri Lanka. Also you may find employment with a domestic operator in Sri Lanka.

There are many pilots who wear specs. It will not be a problem provided your sight meets the minimum level required. We advice you to meet the Aviation Medical Officer at CAASL and  clear your doubts.

About one year and ten months for you to obtain the required number of flying hours and to complete the ATPL (frozen) Course. Classes are usually conducted on weekdays from 9am to 4pm.

Simply get in touch with us via our contact us page and we will walk you through the process.

We use the latest training techniques, facilities and equipment to ensure that the pilots we produce excel beyond expected requirements. Leaders are who we produce.

  • Course material
  • Uniforms
  • Related equipment as and when subject matter requires it
  • Access to training vehicles
  • Simulator access

No prior experience is required but will be beneficial, we provide training from the ground up for all license levels.

You need to start with a Private Pilot’s License and work up to the Airline Transport Pilot License.