Personal Aircraft Maintenance (PAM)

Invest in Your Own Aircraft / Helicopter

Importing an aircraft to Sri Lanka is fully duty free, so why not take the opportunity to invest in your own. We can facilitate it, and maintain your aircraft for you too.


  • ‘Ready To Fly’ helicopter at any time for your corporate or private use
  • Customised branding of the helicopter
  • VIP services at arrival and departure lounges


  • Civil Aviation Authority approved maintenance organization to maintain helicopter
  • Qualified engineers, quality assurance, safety and technical staff
  • Qualified pilots and flight operations staff
  • Modern hangar and facility at Ratmalana Airport


  • Maintenance and management of your helicopter to international standards
  • Qualified and experience pilots to fly your helicopter
  • Revenue generation for you through charter flying (optional)
  • All documentation and obtaining of necessary local approval to import the helicopter
  • A special insurance package (Fleet Insurance) with all our aircraft so you benefit by paying a lower insurance premium

CALL 0774 449108 for details

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Invest in Your Own Aircraft - Thumb