Why FAA?

ICAO and CAASL Approved training

Being approved through both the International Civil Aviation Organization as well as the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka, you can rest assured of receiving flight training of the highest standard. To receive and maintain such accreditations, a flight academy must consistently maintain high standards, and Fairway Aviation takes pride in maintaining a facility that goes above and beyond the standards required.

Lower Cost

Since FAA is an approved flight training institution, our pilots can complete training with a reduced number of flight hours. For example, a Commercial License through a non-approved course would require a pilot to accumulate 200 hours, whereas through FAA, a pilot may acquire a CPL with just 150 hours minimum.

Multiple Airfields

Although mainly based in Ratmalana, student training is also conducted in Koggala, where the less congested airspace and relaxed atmosphere lends itself to being an excellent training environment.

Practice Instrument approaches into two International Airports

Famously known as the world’s emptiest airport, the Mattala International airport (MRIA) is an Instrument student’s dream come true. Equipped with fully functional instrument approaches but light on airplane traffic, student pilots can skip the congested airspace around Bandaranaike International Airport (VCBI) and be able to make the most of their time in the air.

After becoming proficient, Instrument students can also carry out instrument approaches at Bandaranaike International Airport, where the busier airspace will allow the pilot to experience firsthand what it feels like to fly professionally.


Sri Lanka is a tropical country, and weather conditions are generally excellent for flying. Consecutive bad weather days are rare, especially along the coast, providing the student pilot the opportunity to progress with training uninterrupted.

Our Staff

Flight instructors at Fairway Aviation provide high quality flight instruction, while making sure the students enjoy their time in the air. Confucius said, “If you love your job, you will never work a day in your life” and that is a motto that our flight instructors live by. Having received the highest quality training themselves, they are enthusiastic about passing on their knowledge to future aviators.

A skilled ground crew is an essential component for the success of any flight operation. Our mechanics and ground crew ensure that the aircraft are well maintained, and that our impressive safety record is continued.